Slovenian National eBusiness Centre

The Slovenian National eBusiness Centre (EPOS) is a single point for companies, organizations and individuals to obtain important information for the effective implementation od eBusiness and assistance with implementation.

The establishment of the National eBusiness Centre. is a result of the eSLOG project, the operation of the Slovenian National eInvoicing Forum, of cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and other initiatives to ensure and promote the implementation of eBusiness in the Slovenian economy.

The central objective of the Slovenian National eBusiness Centre program is to raise the competitive advantage of the Slovenian economy by promoting the introduction of dematerialized operations in every Slovenian company and every public administration organization.

Areas of operation of the National eBusiness Centre

  • Standardization of business electronic documents (eSLOG, participation in SIST, CEN)
  • Public services of eBusiness (National Register of eBusiness, supporting tools for working with business electronic documents)
  • National eInvoicing Forum
  • Recommendations and good practices for sending, exchanging, receiving and storing business electronic documents
  • Market research and analysis in the field of eBusiness
  • Cooperation and networking with key eBusiness stakeholders in Slovenia and abroad
The main goals by 2022

The main goals of the eBusiness Centre by 2025

The eBusiness Centre’s goal is an ambitious one: keeping Slovenia one of the leading EU countries in the field of eBusiness, which will be achieved through accelerated implementation of eBusiness standards and through effective support and promotion within the economy to influence businesses in different industries to decide sooner in favour of eBusiness. The main goals are therefore:

  • A 50% increase in the volume of B2B eBusiness
  • Development and maintenance of eSLOG business electronic documents
  • Development and provision of eBusiness services
  • Introduction of secure standardized electronic delivery for individuals (based on eDelivery standards)
  • Introduction of eBusiness standards into the entire public administration supply chain
The main advantage for the economy

The main advantages of the eBusiness Centre for the economy

  • Digitization/simplification/automation of business in the Slovenian economy and public sector
  • Facilitating involvement of companies in international, digital markets and distribution chains
  • Reducing costs and increasing business efficiency of companies through digitalization
  • Facilitating involvement of companies in circular economy
  • Enabling technologies to engage and connect companies and create greater added value
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy (especially SMEs)