08. October 2019

The obligation of eInvoicing is spreading across Europe

Following Italy, which also introduced mandatory eInvoicing for B2B and B2C as of 1 January 2019, the obligation of eInvoicing has also been announced in other countries.

Billentis map 01

In Croatia, the obligation to receive eInvoices in B2G as of July of this year has been introduced.

The obligation to issue eInvoices for all business with B2G in France and Portugal will be effective as of January 2020. In France, the obligation to issue eInvoices with B2B has also been announced, which will be introduced gradually, starting in 2023 for larger companies and 2025 for all others.

Germany is introducing mandatory receiving of eInvoices for B2G as of November 2019 (some federal states as of April 2020) and sending of eInvoices as of November 2020.